Thursday, February 23, 2012


Here are some sticker designs I did for MegaCon! They're characters from my Twisted Fairy Tales story...Alice.:)


The Queen of Hearts

                                                                        The White Rabbit
I have some more work to upload, but I'd like to fix it up before putting it up here so stay tuned!:)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Second New Post of the Day!:)

For my story class, we're learning about advertising boards and Ad Comps. I was given the product, Alka-Seltzer, to deign a commercial for. So based on the research I did of old Alka-Seltzer commercials, I put together this advertising presentation.
     The Presentation:
     The individual boards:

That's all for now! Have a great day!:)

Animal Designs

I've been working on some designs lately because I don't have nearly enough practice with animals. I sketched up some designs for a skinny male cat, a fat female cat, a mynah bird, a yellow lab male, a female corgi/terrier mix, a 150 lb French Beauceron dog, and a chameleon.
      Cat Anatomical Study:

     Male Skinny Cat Sketches:
     Final Male Skinny Cat Design (Digital):
     Female Fat Cat Designs:
     Final Female Fat Cat Design:
     Anatomical Study of a Bird:
     Mynah Bird Sketches:
     Final Mynah Bird Sketch:
     Dog Anatomical Study:
     Yellow Lab Male Sketches:
     Final Yellow Lab Male Design:
     Female Corgi/Terrier Sketches:
     Final Female Corgi/Terrier Final Designs:
     Male French Beauceron Sketches:
     Male French Beauceron Design:
     Anatomical Study of a Chameleon:
     Chameleon Sketches:
     Final Chameleon Design:
More art on the way!:)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Completely Digital Storyboards!!!

This is my first set of completely digital storyboards and it surprised me how much I love working digital. Things are made so much nicer than struggling with renders. I used one color to separate the background and the action...I wanted to start out simple like that. This set of boards are about a light saber battle with a sith versus a jedi in an underwater well. This is what the keyframe illustration was based on. Here are the boards...
Thanks for visiting my blog! Have  great day!:)