Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Pages!!!!

So my Fleeting Memories script that I posted pictures of earlier ( has new versions of the four page script. Same story but different way of telling it.

Version 1:

Version 1 with Digital Lettering:

Version 2 Thumbs:

Version 2:

That's all for now! More versions coming soon!!!:)

White Rabbit

So here's a project advertising my Alice comic, which you can view here .

 I first designed a poster:
Then I created a trail of white rabbits going through my Sequential Art building...the rabbits get bloodier as you reach your final destination...a tormented Alice with a bloody butcher knife.

Process Pictures for the Rabbits:

Process Pictures for Alice:


The Final Project After It Was Put Up:

That's what I've been working on...more posts arriving asap!:)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Comic Pages!

Here are some new comic pages I've been working on...the story is about a ghost girl who has part of her brain missing and has no idea why she is where she is. Spiders crawl in and out of her skull to go find lost things from her past and bring them to the room that she resides in. The spiders are her memories scattering. This quarter I will be doing different versions of the same script.
Version Experiments:
   -Thumbnails Ideas of the Four Page Layout

Version 1:
    -Tight Roughs

Version 2:
     -Tight 11x17 Pencils
         -Tight Pencils with Digital Lettering
That's all for now. Lots more coming soon!