Friday, September 17, 2010

New Art/News:)

So I finished designing my business cards! So here's a pic of them. Also, I just bought my own domain, it Soooooo excited! Things are starting to fall into place. I've also started scripting my graphic novel that I'm writing/illustrating. Its basically a damsel in distress story, except it has a huge twist: the damsel isn't the one distressing....the villain better watch out in this one. Maybe later, I'll upload tidbits, except I'm pretty sure my boyfriend and I are the only ones who actually read this Anyways, stay tuned, I'll be sure to update this more often(where have we heard that, ta ta for now.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Its been a little while

I'm sorry I havent been posting in a while, so I'll update a few swap pics on here. I'm currently working on illustrating a childrens book and writing my own graphic novel. So I've been a little busy. Plus yesterday, on my way back from work I got hit by a van while coming back from work, which is why I have time to update this I'm fine. I just have a lot of scars, bruises and abrasions. Two of the bones that connect my ribs to my spine are cracked, but not displaced, so they'll mend themselves in a few weeks. It was a hit and run, so I cant sue that jerk, but I took pics, so if they find him, thats what I'm gonna do. Anyways, like I said, I'm fine just medicated and shooken up. Here are some of the swap photos though.