Saturday, September 11, 2010

Its been a little while

I'm sorry I havent been posting in a while, so I'll update a few swap pics on here. I'm currently working on illustrating a childrens book and writing my own graphic novel. So I've been a little busy. Plus yesterday, on my way back from work I got hit by a van while coming back from work, which is why I have time to update this I'm fine. I just have a lot of scars, bruises and abrasions. Two of the bones that connect my ribs to my spine are cracked, but not displaced, so they'll mend themselves in a few weeks. It was a hit and run, so I cant sue that jerk, but I took pics, so if they find him, thats what I'm gonna do. Anyways, like I said, I'm fine just medicated and shooken up. Here are some of the swap photos though.

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