Tuesday, September 4, 2012

30 Day Monster Challenge-Day 4

Hello Again!
   So today's monster is a werewolf, so I drew a somewhat-creepy werewolf cub that's partial-baby.
The medium is pencil and watercolor. As far as the road trip goes, my bf and I made it to Elk City, Oklahoma. Not quite Oklahoma City, but there were insane lightning storms and high winds...there was no going any further. Tomorrow we're gonna try to make it, at the very least, to the border of Louisiana before stopping for the night. The goal is New Orleans afterwards, then Savannah. Good night world!
           Sarah Steele

Monday, September 3, 2012

30 Day Monster Challenge-Day 3

Hey Everyone!
   Today's monster is a vampire, so I drew a vampire kitty!
It was a short and sweet pen and ink drawing, since I love that medium and it has been a long day. As far as trip updates go, my boyfriend and I drove from Williams, AZ to the Grand Canyon for lunch, to Albuquerque for dinner, and Santa Fe for sleep and exploring tomorrow. A few more long days ahead before we get to Savannah, GA, but we're enjoying every caffeinated minute of it. So long for now! Good night, world. <3 p="p">-Sarah

Sunday, September 2, 2012

30 Day Monster Challenge-Day 2

    Hey Everyone!
So here's my second monster, a mummy. Only, here she's pregnant as all hell as well. Lol.
Today I decided to go with a nice and simple pencil drawing. It's been a long day. My boyfriend and I are road tripping our way back to SCAD across the country. Today we went from San Diego, California to Williams, Arizona, where we're staying for the night. More drawings to come! Stay tuned!

P.S.--Sorry about the lack of scanner. Road trip makes it difficult. We will be back in Savannah on Friday, so I will have access to a scanner by then.:)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

30 Day Monster Challenge-Day 1

Hey Everybody!
   This month, I am doing a 30 day monster challenge with a few friends. I will try to keep to it the best I can.:) Today's monster is a zombie. Here is my design.
I am on my way back to school across the country this week. So uploads will be sent to my friend, Sarah Herrin, who will upload to facebook. I will finish uploading them here at the end of the week if I can't upload sooner due to lack of internet. I will be texting images to Sarah until then. Thanks for reading and keeping up with my work!
            Sarah Steele