Monday, July 19, 2010


So I just got done watching Julie & Julia and I have to say that I am impressed. I watched that movie with no expectations and it was absolutely wonderful. I have always been into mixed media and I love learning new techniques in my magazines and I was thinking...maybe I'll try them all each month and upload them or something. Who is 4:52 am here so I dont know how much I am going to stick through this, but I think its worth a shot. Maybe I'll try a technique a day or something. I've been wanting to give myself something useful to do and I do want to update this blog more so I might as well. Starting tomorrow, I think I'll try it...but I'm going into this with low expectations...cuz I'm usually more spontaneous than long term with projects like this. Who knows? Maybe it'll give my blog more exposure.Btw, no scanner is available at my house this summer, so I took a webcam pic instead...I know, unprofessional, right? But then again, I am only 18. This was a mixed media handmade postcard that I made for a swap for the anniversary of the first landing on the moon.

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