Thursday, February 24, 2011

Animated Show

So I'm working on an animated show idea for my portfolio based on the Brothers Grimm movie. I am actually quite excited about this project and hopefully it goes as planned in my head. It will have a dark look to it, like Tim Burton meets Scooby Doo meets the Golden Age of Illustration. Sketches will be up soon. Also, the book is written and is over 200 pages, but I'm still trying to get the right style to it. Something is missing on it and I'm not sure what. Until then, watch the Brothers Grimm. Its a good movie, but it flopped. I'm in love with it though for the over-the-top feel and the amount of imagination put into it. It also stars Matt Damon and Heath Ledger and is quite entertaining. Until next time, here's a movie poster.:)

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  1. Note: I do not own the copyrights for this, it is only a student project.:)