Sunday, March 13, 2011

Character Designs

So I've been redoing some character designs for finals and spoke to artist Isaac Orloff. My professors have told me this before but I guess I figured if I did this for only part of it I'd be fine. Bad idea. Reference people. I experimented and am putting up before and after pictures. Before are the designs with some reference and the after are the designs with ALL reference. Note and be amazed. I will be doing nothing but reference from now on. But its funny about how many people who think that reference isn't that important. So many people think that they can get away with just a few references. But think of it this way: the likeness comes from what the subject looks like, not what you think it looks like. Notice how much more life is in the designs with reference than the ones that aren't. I'm glad I learned this before submitting my portfolio for internships. It helped a lot. Keep in mind I'm still finishing these, I just wanted to put these up. Also, from now on I'm going to update this blog as much as I can. It will contain notes, sketches and art pieces I have done. Its an easier resource for me to get to and hopefully what I learn from others will help anyone who reads this.:) Also check out Isaac's blog if you get the chance: Great stuff.:) Now to finish finals and

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