Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Finals Covers

So finally a bit situated in Hollywood, but this city still scares me a bit. Not usually a city person (unless Paris) but I'm getting a bit more comfortable and coming out of my shell a bit. It will be a good adventure to have and I'm getting to be a much better driver (since I haven't died yet! lol.). Anyways, when I can get to a scanner or find my camera out of my bags I will upload my sketchbook pix (sorry for the delay!), but I did manage to find these images in all of the disarray. For finals, we each had to do 2 covers then exchange one of them and receive one of someone else's to ink...so we ink one of ours and one of someone else's. These are some of the images:

Pencils by Sydney Anderson, who has amazing animal character acting an absolutely adorable style! Everyone should go check her work out here!
Here are my inks of her cover (with no letters)! I hope I did her piece justice!
Here's my piece! I forgot to scan the pencils, but here are the inks!
This was a slight variation off of this cover:
Now my other penciled cover looks like this:
And the inks of this are by this girl who goes by Josie Pi. She did an absolutely amazing job and normally I like being a creator and doing all of the art and writing myself, but her inks are too amazing that I hope I get the chance to work with her in the future. If you'd like to look her up, her website is here and below are her inks of my cover.
Have a great summer everybody and I hope to upload soon!