Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Story Blog

Hey guys!
   I know it's been a while. Been working hard at my internship this summer and on my story. Sadly, my internship ends this week. I will miss everyone at Archaia Entertainment dearly. The people, the company, and the stories produced there are all amazingly wonderful. It is very rare to find a place like that in the world and I was very lucky to spend the summer with them. I learned an incredible amount and can now set forth into the world in a new light and with a new hope for the future. Thank you guys!
   In other news, I have been working hard on art and scripting for a personal project, a visual story that I'm creating. For updates on that, please see and follow my story blog here. Thanks again and there will be many more updates this fall, once school starts again. I'm preparing for some exciting new projects that will surely be posted up here and on my story blog. Thanks for following me and have a wonderful rest of the summer!!!
         Sarah Steele


  1. Do you HAVE to go back?!?! Gonna miss you.

    1. Yeah. Sorry. Also, sorry for the late reply.:) But I hope you're doing well, Anonymous.:)