Friday, June 17, 2011

Bon Voyage--for real

Ok, made you look! I just found some pictures from the end of Lacoste, and since I'm a big lazy until summer classes start in a little over a week, here are some pictures.
  Here are the 3 Sarahs:
Then me and Sarah at the Vernissage:

Me being Wolverine...I'm

Sequential Awesomeness!:P...and
Badass Fist Bump from Professor Tom Lyle!
And the whole group!:)

And many thanks to Sarah Herrin for unknowingly letting me grab these from facebook!lol. I love you self!:) And thats all for this week! But there will be art this summer...classes just need to start for the art to progress more than it is. Au Revoir for now!

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