Wednesday, October 5, 2011


So I have been absent from my blog for a little bit and here's the reason why: 97 thumbnails, three 4"x9" boards,  plenty of research, artist research project, maquette, character designs, action poses, turnarounds, story writing, character exploration, life drawing and photoshop rendering along with a other words, art school at its normal pace. So I figured I would write a bit about time management today...especially for those who take on too much like myself.
   First, rule out what you do not need. Since my job has been too intense, time consuming, and I am still financially supported by my family, I decided to make it a seasonal thing...I will only hold a job during the breaks. Portfolio, networking and my health are much more important than over-stressing and stretching myself too thin. So remember, focus on what is important.
  Second, make yourself a REALISTIC time schedule. If you have a ton of work like I do, spread it out as soon as you receive the work, and spread it out from the time you get it up until its due. Make sure to make room for extra work in case life gets in the way of your personal deadlines. This way, it relieves the stress.
  Third, utilize the time of day that you work best to your advantage. Try to get the brunt of your work done at that time. Maybe even figure out a system to motivate yourself like an ice cream at the end of the day if you finish it all or something. You could even take a fifteen minute break after each thing you finish.
   Last, health. Deadlines are important, but you also need to be alive to get there. Keep up your hygiene...I always do this but at art school there are quite a few people who don't and you don't want to be one of them. Also, work in meals at scheduled times if you get so consumed in your work that you forget. Try making one of your breaks a cooking relaxes you and fills your stomach with deliciousness as well.:) Also, don't forget to sleep. Getting a full night's rest and waking up early is much better than an all-nighter, and your work will get done just as quick without the hallucinations and exhaustion.
     I hope this helps! Time-management is really important for artists as well as everyone else, especially in the real world when deadlines are what put food on the table and a roof over your head. Good luck and I will upload more art soon!

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