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So this was the story I submitted. Thank you to those who've supported me with ideas and love. I write stories all the time, but haven't posted out of fear of idea-stealing. If anyone knows the best way to market yourself as a writer without getting your work taken, please let me know!:) This still needs a bit of work, but here goes nothing.:)

*Inspired by UP among other things.:)

You promised me. At the altar, a whole lifetime ago, you promised I could die first. You promised.
So why did you leave me on this earth with only your ashes and our lived-in wedding rings for comfort?
I will not bury you. I won’t do it. For you to go through life only to go to a place filled with grime. My dear, you deserve so much better.
You deserve soft, warm clouds with melodious singing and protection from all the evil in the world. You deserve the soft flutter of angels’ wings as they watch over you.
So I’ve decided it... I’ll get you to heaven. For you, I will.
That night, we picnicked with the stars and moonbathed under the universe.
 “My… isn’t it beautiful?”
“My love, we’ll surely be there soon, for heaven must be right past those stars.”
He remained silent, but thoughtful, I was sure.
The next day, I packed a bag, settled him in the front basket of my pink bicycle, and set out on our mission. After five minutes and some wobbling, I made it to our destination: the neighborhood bookstore.

He created a library for me... a place where I could breathe. We would snuggle there late at night by the fireplace and read to each other. It became our haven. This bookstore is how we stocked it.
 My books were on the top shelf in the back. I pushed the wheeled stepladder against the shelf, and climbed my way up. My hand was almost touched one of the books, when the ladder rolled, causing me to fly through them and the entire shelf with a CRASH!
            A few minutes later, strands of horrified conversation made their way through the bits of space the books left to me. When things stopped blurring, my heart stopped for a moment as well.
Where is my husband?
With that, I shoved everyone aside. I don’t need their pity right now, I need my man. Where is he? I fumbled, clawing through the books, hastily.
I could breathe again. His tin was knocked over, but he was still there, so all was good. The clerk and a few managers started to push the shelf back up, but I stopped them. The books were all down where I needed them to be, so now I just needed a nice blanket for my husband and I, and some quiet.
Once they left us alone, we sat down with our own private sea of books. If heaven was anywhere, I thought, it would be in this pile. We dove in.
Bubbles. Bubbles everywhere. Illustrations swam by and schools of sentences waved to us as we passed. We looked down to see striped bathing suits oxygen tanks, giving us the ability to go deeper.
A light appeared. That’s it! I thought! Heaven is close. So close. But...then the light grew dim… then became dark.
The ocean of words, our safe haven, no longer favored us. The illustrations stayed away and the schools of sentences ignored us. Grammar sharks started to circle… we needed to get out. My husband looked at me as if to say Be brave. So I was. I took one big breath of oxygen, gave those sharks a disapproving look, and swam up with my husband, up to the surface.
GASP! We made it! Once above, it was as if the books ebbed and flowed…back from the ocean, and into themselves again. I managed to grab a few books for us to look at later. We would just have to get to heaven another day.
Stairway to Heaven played on our record player as we dried off by the fire. With each musical note, steps began to form. They beckoned to me. They beckoned to US. Should I follow? I thought. Is it safe? The flames seemed to jump out of the fire and wrap themselves around the steps, warming them as they carried us both up. But, as we made our way up the spiral stair, something stopped me. I could feel my husband’s ashes nudging me away in his tin. That light… that warm, bright light is not of the right sort of light. I’d always heard heaven’s light was soft, comforting, but this light… this particular light… was stark and discomforting. This is NOT the right light! We must get away… and fast!
“Baby, hold on. We’re in for a bumpy ride!” I yelled. The malicious light, realizing it wouldn’t get its prey easily, closed its entry point and sent its flames after us. So I reached down and grabbed a cast-iron tool from beside the fireplace, and jabbed at them. I ran further down the stairs, but they were too close. So I kissed my husband, told him I loved him, and flung him to safety. He’ll forgive me later. Then, I grabbed a picture off the wall beside me, and slid down the staircase toward the fireplace, when, all of a sudden, the flames weren’t behind me anymore… they were in front of me! I’m going to die! I thought, in horror. But, at the last second, the needle lifted. There was silence. The staircase disappeared and I dropped, cracking the picture on the floor, expelling the flames. Our room was dark, except for the tendrils of smoke that snaked through the room.
Realizing my husband was still on the floor. I ran to him, but found a pile of ash, with the tin dented and open.
“Oh, baby! I’m so sorry! Do forgive me!”
He looked at me. He was not having it today. But, after a few minutes, he forgave me and smiled. We were a happy couple again… and we escaped hell. So, we celebrated with a nice dinner.
After we started on our meal, I pulled out a few books. That’s when I found it. But… but that’s impossible! I thought. It’s so simple! Scaring my husband half to death, I leapt up out of my chair, laughing and dancing.
“Baby! It’s here! We’re here!” I exclaimed.
He stared at me in disbelief. I obviously need to get back on my medication.
I ran to the back of the house and his best suit and tie, then picked out my wedding gown…and played our song on the record player. Then, together, we danced, while songs of wonder filled the air. Around and around we went. The room started to swirl and blur, until wispy light clouds appeared. The voice in the song turned to multiple voices… the voices of angels from on high. Then, finally at peace, he and I layed down in heaven, side by side, and fell asleep.
They later found us intertwined in our library. But they couldn’t touch us, no, for we weren’t really there.

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