Friday, April 5, 2013

DEEP Flash Fictions

As many of you know, I've been working with DEEP, a wonderful nonprofit in Savannah, Georgia, as a writing fellow teaching public middle school kids how to create stories. They've absolutely blown me away. If these kids are our future, I know we'll all be wonderfully set.

Anyways, something that DEEP has developed is a creative writing group, designed similar to DEEPkids workshops, for the writing fellows. I have attended almost every one and have learned SO much from that, as well as my workshops.

These are a few flash fictions (VERY short fiction pieces. Check out the book, Hint Fiction, for an idea) I've written there. Keep in mind, the themes are: elegantly creepy (guess who chose that one. Lol.), aquarium, and power outage.

1. Lights gone. Breaths appear faint in underwater cells around me. Eyes glint, teeth shine, blood drips. My heart pounds. I'm not alone.

2. A rose in hand and a fluttering heart. Bubbles and creatures observe my pink state. The note says this is the spot. Lights go out. A breath escapes me.

3. They stare, bright eyes don't blink. Foreign fingers smudge my protective shell. They want in. Darkness slams us into oblivion. Glowing bodies slide through glass. I shoot myself through liquid barriers, leaving bubbles and panic in their midst. My hiding spot proves faithful. Strange bodies won't find me or have a way out. I'm free, they'll be discovered in the morning.

I love to write and would love your feedback. I create stories quite a bit, and am developing some longer works. I don't usually post because I would like to get my work published.

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