Saturday, May 7, 2011


So this week has been completely hectic and wonderful at the same time. Some students from the Angoulem, France school, EESI, came who are getting their masters in Bande Dessinee (Sequential Art).

We were all paired up, I of course got another Sarah (lol.), and we all had fun interviewing people around Lacoste. Our guy, Bruno Pitot worked in the clocktower so we got a VIP tour and did our story on it. We also made the Lacoste newspaper and met the mayor and her committee. Bruno mentioned the names on the wall, which went back to 1880, and my story focuses on it. In this story, which we executed in two days in time for our exhibition and workshops today, he's working and sees the names. When he touches them, they illuminate and the ghosts of the people who past worked there appear. After a minute, they get sucked into the wall and before he knows it, he sees his name illuminate as well. This is when he gets sucked in and becomes a part of the clock and its history.

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