Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Finals Week Update

So finals are upon us early for those lucky SCAD students in Lacoste, leaving us the last week to pack, get ready for the Vernissage and have rooms inspected. First of all, a few tips for art students stressed about finals...1. Make yourself a calendar of the week and schedule deadlines for yourself for each day. This helps in relieving stress and gives you a few things to think about at a time. Also, make those deadlines earlier so if you run late on them, you have a few days to recover. 2. Build up a food fortress in your room. But don't be gross about it, cover your food. Just be sure to have snacks and drinks ready so you don't have to be running around. 3. SHOWER!!!!!!!!! Hygiene is STILL important. Many people forget this...PLEASE dont. 4. Get sleep. You will work much faster with sleep than without. So with that, good luck everyone!
As a side note, I've been working on pencils and watercolors this quarter. My watercolors still are a bit jarring since I'm coming from an acrylics background, but I'm working on it. Here is the pencil version of my piece of Notre Dame Cathedral:
And here's the watercolor on top of that:
And a helpful tip for those of you trying watercolor (I found this out AFTER this project) is to not clean your brush. Crazy, right? You start with the lightest color and keep building and as the colors build on your piece, they also do in your brush and they create a unified palette. Atleast...in theory...I have yet to try this out. But once I do, I'll let you guys know. Have a safe and sane week!

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