Monday, May 9, 2011

Second Time, Lacoste Newspaper

So our Angoulem collaboration was a new thing our school has been doing and it was a huge success. There were kids workshops, adult workshops, caricatures, etc.  A lot of the people who we interviewed came as well along with journalists/ photographers for the local newspaper. So guess who got interviewed and made it in the Weird, right? Anyways, here's me and Bruno Pitot, from the oldest family here, posing cheesily for the pic. It was fun and we were goofing around but here's the page.:P

Oh, and also, one of the Angoulem students, Wei, and I did a collab page during the workshop day. Here's the doodle page.
And here's us doodling this We were too tired...
Here is the poster we all doodled on...
Angoulem and SCAD students at the kids workshop...
And Professor Tom Lyle being all professional-like and drawing Spiderman for someone.:)
Anyways, that's all for now!:)

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